blow up shelter Anxious? Here's an Easy Method to Make it Go Away

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-04
blow up shelter Anxious? Here\'s an Easy Method to Make it Go Away
Are you a lizard?A person who responds instinctively and emotionally to a situation...With fear or anger, for example?Or are you the leader?Do you usually control yourself ...... When do you decide to react emotionally?Do you want you to control your reaction better??Instinctual vs.
Have you ever heard of an area of your brain called the lizard brain?The lizard brain, also known as the RIM system, protects you from threats and takes chances.For example, when you meet a gangster in a dark alley, the lizard brain decides whether you should run or fight.The lizard's brain drives you to find food, sex, and shelter (not necessarily in this order ).
When your child tests you, he will also let you explode, or he will withdraw or say what you regret when you are injured.The lizard brain can save your life.But if he's always in control, you're in big trouble.Fortunately, the strong lizard brain is balanced by your calmer, smarter leader brain.
Also known as the prefrontal cortex, he is a person who makes decisions and judgments, reasons and plans, uses critical thinking and has empathy.These two parts of the brain usually work together.But when the lizard's brain is threatened or tempted, the leader's brain is secondary.
The lizard's brain often destroys your best interests.Remember those times when you were impulsive, delayed, or completely immature?Yep...Lizard Brain.Do you want to have more control over the lizard brain?I know I do.
Experts have developed many techniques to train our brains.This is a good one.I will share others in future posts.You can train your brain.It's much easier than you think.Your idea is not stored like a computer file.Your thoughts and memories have many connections and judgments with them, usually negative, which you create yourself.
When you think about something, you will also experience your attachment to that idea (usually negative.While some parts of the mind may be accurate, these associations are created by yourself.If emotions are negative, you can choose to separate them.
It's easier than you think.
Take a deep breath and relax.
Think about memories that make you feel happy-maybe the feeling of being cared for by the person you love, maybe the time when you realize something that you are very proud.Feel good emotions.Let them clean you up.Enjoy them.Stick to those good feelings.Now, while enjoying these wonderful feelings, it reminds you of something you are worried about.?Difficult conversation?Put them in your head-worry and feel good.
Even if you think of worrying thoughts, let the good feeling pass through your body.It takes a little practice to do two things at a time.The more times you practice, the faster the negative associations disappear.
Worry, guilt, and pain-no good for you-will be replaced by calm stability.The leader brain will overcome the lizard brain
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