blow up games for adults Indigo/Crystal Phenomena: ADD/ADHD Children

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-11
blow up games for adults Indigo/Crystal Phenomena: ADD/ADHD Children
Who are these Indigo and Crystal children?Am I one?How can I help my own children?We can do a lot to help these new children, but the most important thing is to know that the indigo/Crystal phenomenon is the next big step in our human evolution.To some extent, we all become more and more like indigo and crystal people.The more people choose to consciously try to change, the faster the result will be.
This new child (and indeed not so many new ones now) has shown us the way we forget.They are our mirrors.This simply means that they reflect everything within us, everything that needs to be changed in order to evolve or enhance our consciousness.They are here to help change the vibration of our lives and create peace, balance and harmony.
As a result, India has seen the act of overthrowing the old outdated system!They are warriors, they are on mission!They create chaos everywhere.They can feel dishonest a mile away and can't adapt to dysfunctional situations at home, at school and at work.The days of threatening your father to go home have passed or you will be suspended and India doesn't care!They have innerThe lie detector will not be manipulated or manipulated by the hidden agenda.
They are very strong in mind and don't like to be told what to do and don't want to do it the way you do it.If we don't break old control habits, threat habits or any other destructive behavior, they will show us that we have to learn new ways in order to win peacefully!This is done by connecting with the heart of love.They simply don't have the ability to break away from their feelings and pretend everything is normal.
When th, they will respond best to all situations!EY is regarded as a respected adult.If we behave Childish in a rigged, harmful way, they will reflect our own actions to us.This creates more setbacks within ourselves than within them!Their goal is to let us change, not to change them.
Their horns are beeping, treat others like you want to be treated!They are not shy to let you know exactly what they need.Watch them.They have no hidden agenda.They are our teachers!India is creating chaos and the end result is a peaceful and loving world.Many, but not all Indians are labeled as attention deficit/ADHD by the medical community, or more often ADD/ADHD because they can't stand still and focus, they are impulsive and quick to do things.
Giving them medication is not the answer!This is again a control factor, not to mention all harmful health problems, including deaths caused by such drugs.Indigo and Crystal children are very smart and the things they like to do need to stimulate their minds.They have amazing memories of the genius soul with an evolutionary consciousness.
They need to be taught in different ways and stimulate their whole life through subjects they like!We are going beyond our hearts and into our hearts.These indigo children will not conform to the teachings of the old ritual textbook.This system is old and needed!replaced.They are trying to show teachers in the school system that they need a new way of learning.
This is what started to happen.
How do you know you're Indigo?-Are you always looking for bigger goals in your life, but feeling that the world is not built for your kind?-Do you feel wise outside of your years?-Do you have difficulties in the way you adapt to society?-In today's world, don't you think it's appropriate?-Do you have a very different view of the world than most people around you?-Do you have a strong intuition about certain things that most people don't have?-Do you often feel misunderstood when you try to talk to people about what is true?-Do you feel that you are born to fulfill the special mission of life?-Do you feel isolated and lonely in your faith?-Misunderstood by the family?Maybe it's the black sheep of the family?-You feel the opposite.Is it social unless you're with like-minded people?-Are you sensitive?-Is your childhood tough?-Do you often feel deprived of power by too much authority?If your answer to these questions is yes, you are most likely indigo.If you want to be recognized by the outside world, you may want to find someone who has honed the talent of clairvoyance, which is a talent that most people do not have.
When you look at you or tune into your energy field, the person of the clairvoyant eye will be able to judge whether you are Indigo by the color of your aura, which is the invisible energy field surrounding your body.You can also take a photo of the Halo yourself and look at your own color.So what can I do to help my child?Through my own experience, I understand that it is very important to have harmonious energy in our environment and to maintain grounding and shielding.
I believe that if this small piece of advice can be applied in mainstream schools, then it will have a huge impact on the temperament of all children!I am an indigo/crystal and a single mother or four indigo/Crystal kids and I know first hand that the kids will be wild if we have a lot of energy at home!They will be more active with each other, more fighting, crying and restless.They have more tantrums and mood swings and reject any form of authority!When the energy of the family is balanced, they will be more relaxed, calm, gentle and peaceful.Normal kids!Leave the sacred space of our energy balance, go to public places, UN.
Being protected is a living nightmare!The change in my child's temperament is like watching Jekyll and Hyde!Onlookers or people who don't know will think it's a wild child, or it's too much sugar, or more often it's out of the control of the mother.Especially my oldest child was affected.He was 10 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD.When we finally got back in the car and started driving home, they all started to calm down.
(I also adjusted the energy of our vehicle to be harmonious.) Soon after we entered our house, they usually started to crash.It's as high as sugar, and they're at the peak of a public explosion, because the energy is more intensive, and when they get back to their own frequency, they start to burn because of the chaos their bodies are experiencing!Talk about the harm to their health.
I provided a list!Below, we have done a great job of creating our divine environment and other things to enhance my Indigo/Crystal children's abilities.-BREATHE!Breathing energy.When they are depressed, scared, excited, etc.Ask them to stop and take a deep breath.Breathe in with your nose and breathe out with your mouth.
Tell them to really vent your anger like you vent your anger!Make it fun and do it with them.-Get your home dirty to help clear the vibrations that are distracting.This needs to be carried out on a regular basis immediately after any form of explosion.
Make it a part of your cleaning house!According to what the children learned from school, I get a lot of dirty every day.It's really an amazing difference!-It is very important to stick to it.There are many ways to do this.I personally like things that are quick and easy to do.
Intent and visualization is a quick and easy way to do it in a second at any time, not even noticed!The first thing I did was to ask Gaia (Mother Earth) to allow my ground wire to enter the core of her existence.Then I imagine a clear cord or a clear cord coming into Gaia from my root chakra (tailbone area.It grows in length and continues to grow until it is fully anchored at the heart of Gaia.
This ground wire releases negative energy and also brings positive energy.Set your intention to send all the negative energy along this line, physically outgoing and releasing to Gaia.After all the negative energy is released, cultivate a positive life with your heart --Breathe in the Earth's energy through physics.
Thank you, Gaia.
Don't worry about hurting her.
no!Let your child m!Make a monkey chain.
This is an effective intention!-It is also very important to keep quiet.India and Crystal are very sensitive.Their highly tuned energy field receives negative emotional and environmental energy from the surrounding environment like a sponge, resulting in serious emotional fluctuations.Imagine that in a room with four frustrated people, three angry people, the room itself has not been fully cleaned up from all the emotional pain for many years!Unconsciously, Indigo will absorb all this energy and treat it as its own energy!People want to know why they are labeled as ADHD!Teach them to create and surround themselves with bubbles protected by white lights every morning!This repels the negative energy around, but allows positive energy to enter.
The foam looks like a soap foam with soap foam inside.-EXERCISE.Exercise is still an important part of our lives, but it also helps indigo/Crystal children to get rid of excess energy because their nervous system has a different connection to other nervous systems.The perfect exercise channel to release what they hold in their emotions, mind, body and mental body is: martial arts, yoga, karate, Tai ChiChi, dance class, running, skipping, gymnastics: anything they like that moves them!-Bring nature indoorsBeautiful plants, rocks, crystals, waterfalls, aquariums, etc.
-A quiet space with no electrical equipment in the room.This is the room they can stay in.Do whatever they like when they are quiet.Whether it's art, reading, puzzles, Lego blocks, etc.
-Bathe with sea salt every night.
Be sure to drink plenty of water, because it will absorb toxins from the body and also remove negative energy from the energetic body.-Put sea salt on their name with their permission.Salt releases all the negative energy that no longer serves them.
Let this sit for 24 hours and pour the salt into the toilet.-It is necessary to remove all manual smells!Use only the highest quality oil and tasteless beeswax candles.-Play relaxing music like dolphins, killer whales and Angels.
Screaming and chaotic music can only disrupt their energy.-Put all the appliances outside the bedroom.They can't stand the very dangerous airwaves from these devices at all.
This will help them fall asleep peacefully.-Be honest with them at all times, don't manipulate everything and adjust it to their age.If you don't do that, you will start a war!-Reiki energy therapy, sound therapy and other alternative treatments are recommended for treatment, balance, rejuvenation and empowerment, not only India but all of us!We are entering a wonderful new world where peace will exist!This is a beautiful thing.
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